Hi! I’m Amy!

Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I’m addicted to crafting! Lol! Are you like me, and love to do all things crafty? Do you see pretty things in the store and think how you could make them yourself for way cheaper?  Well you’ve come to the right place! I love to DIY my own beautiful things for my home as well as gifts for friends and family. I’m a self-professed homebody, and my environment is very important to me. I love for my home to be cozy and welcoming. I’m always looking for new ideas and trends to redo a space and change it up. Sometimes I even stay awake at night dreaming of projects to do around my house!

My current obsession is my laser machine. I recently purchased a Thunder Nova 35, and am loving all the amazing projects you can make with this thing! If you want a glimpse at the fun projects you can make, check out my Facebook page and Etsy shop for more info!

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