Welcome to the DIY Crafters Club page!

This group was designed for those who want to create projects that do not require an electronic cutting machine. If you love to craft and are looking for ideas and inspiration, this club is for you!

How does this work?

At the beginning of each month, I will provide you with a supply list of inexpensive things you will need to create the project. Then, on the scheduled day later on in the month, I will go live in our private Facebook group to create the project. We will have a crafting party and make the project together! (Or if you prefer, you can watch the video and create it on your own when you are ready!) 

What’s a party without some yummy food and drinks? During the live, you are invited to share a recipe with the group. Grab a yummy snack, put on your comfy clothes, pour yourself a drink, and let’s get crafting together! Let us know what you are nibbling on, and how your project is going! We can have a fun, interactive, virtual party! You can even invite some friends over to your own home, have everyone bring a dish, and craft together during our party! (If you aren’t able to watch live, the videos will always be available in the Facebook group to go back and watch whenever you like!)

The best part is that you can chat in the Facebook group whenever you like. If you have a question or need help with a project, the group is always there as a community to help you out! You can ask questions, post pics of your projects, and share ideas with others who also have a passion for crafting! 

Come be a part of an amazing crafting community!

All of this for only $15 a month!!

There is no obligation. You can leave the club at anytime.

Our club is currently closed and will reopen for new members in April. Want to be notified when we re-open? Just enter your email address below!

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